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Building Banners
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Fleet Graphics
  • Wall coverings

    • Increasingly integrated in building design, providing a prominent, permanent architectural element.
    • Also used to convey short-term, frequently changing messages in retail spaces, public buildings, transportation stations, and other locations.
    • A growing opportunity for print service providers, providing a new source of revenue.
  • Point of purchase (POP) posters

    • One of the most common large-format printing applications, mostly used for short-term campaigns.
    • Usually installed indoors, demanding high-quality printing suitable for close viewing.
    • Some POP posters are also installed in outdoor environments, requiring suitable durability.
  • Soft signage

    • Flexible advertising signage and interior decoration produced on various types of fabrics, instead of vinyl and paper media.
    • Fast-expanding market due to the attractive appearance of printed fabric and its lightweight, wrinkle resistance and easy handling, which facilitate storage and transportation.
    • Recycling opportunities further contribute to the growing popularity of soft signage.
  • Outdoor and event banners

    • Banners and signage for exhibitions and outdoor events.
    • Extremely cost-sensitive market.
    • Require good outdoor durability and crack-resistant printing on low-cost, flexible media.
    • Growing print buyer concern about the environmental impact of solvent-printed vinyl banners is increasing demand for more environmentally responsible alternatives.
  • Light boxes

    • Used for bus shelters, theater displays, airport signage and high-end retail signage.
    • High quality demands to support close viewing, vivid images and small text.
  • Vehicle wraps and graphics

    • The complete or partial covering of the outside of a vehicle with preprinted vinyl film.
    • Fast-growing in popularity as they offer a high-impact, low cost-per-impression marketing tool.